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Combining his Umpteen + years of education, research, observations and business experience, Chuck Boles serves business managers and owners by providing a range of coaching and consulting services founded upon ageless truths.
Chuck's coaching success is based upon helping the client understand that "Every life and business decision begins and ends with two words: Research and Leadership". The coaching programs are easy to understand and built upon three basic "growth stages":
Stage     Action/Results
1. Creation of Leadership Core Values
  1. Each client builds a basic resource library of required reading materials. This personal "leadership core values" library is the client's resource center for building a firm understanding of the core values shared by successful leaders.
  2. Each client develops and writes a personalized statement of "professional core values" upon which they commit to live life and conduct business.
2. Creation of Executive Strategic Business Vision
  1. Analysis of a "Start to Finish" career cycle
  2. Living with a "Business Leader" Attitude
  3. Creation of a "Business Value Foundation"TM
  4. Development of a "Career Transition Strategy"
  5. Career Transition……With A Profit.
3. Accountability Partnerships
Chuck's business consulting looks at the entire organization and focuses on two things: adapting to change and results. Using a time tested approach, the consulting program follows three stages of performance analysis:
Stage     Action/Results
1. Change Management (The 4 A's of Change)
  1. Anticipating Change
  2. Acting on Change
  3. Adapting to Change
  4. Accountability to Change
2. Business Process Mapping
  1. The Rear View Mirror
  2. Visualizing the Future
3. Accountability Partnerships
  1. The Circle of Excellence
  2. Creating The Accountable Career Culture
Bottom line , Chuck's successful business and life planning track record is based upon personal, one-on-one relationships. As a hands-on servant professional, he will help you grow yourself and your organization to new heights of success based upon solid core values of leadership

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