A graduate of Hospital Clown College, Buddy Buck-A-ROOTM specializes in Brightening Up the day for folks needing a "lift in spirit".
Armed with the knowledge that smiles and laughter make for good medicine, Buddy serves elderly care facilities and hospital pediatric wards in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (USA).
So, if you know of some folks who are a little "down and out"……Contact Buddy Buck-A-ROOTM (The Cowpoke Angel). His Clown Ministry would be honored to swagger in and stir up a smile or two with his unique "Bundle of Cheer & Sunshine".

        Buddy Smiles are Good Medicine
Buddy Buck-A-ROOTM
(The Cowpoke Angel)
All the precious Little Partners,
Gathered 'round from far and near
To witness this Cowpoke Angel
Serve up his brand of Special Cheer.
Buddy Buck-A-ROOTM looks kind'a different
And at times a little strange;
But he guarantees to make you Smile,
Feel Happy and at "Home on the Range."
Buddy loves to Tickle Funny Bones
He has a gift so Rare,
When you see him, you're gonna Laugh Out Loud
Any time... Any place... Any where.
When this Cowpoke Angel enters
Comin' in with his Sway and Swagger,
You'll soon catch his Happy Spirit
Of Smiles and Lots of Laughter.
He Smiles, he Winks, and he Laughs
As he walks right up to You
With his Funny Nose, his Lasso,
He's a Cowpoke Through and Through.
"It's All About YOU, My Special Friend,"
He'll say with a Great Big Grin.
Then he'll Wiggle his Nose and Tip his Hat
As he Tickles your Chinny-chin-chin.
Buddy looks forward to Serving You
The Young and Old, it is true
So keep a Sharp Eye out 'cause this Cowpoke Angel
Is looking 'round these parts for You!
Buddy at his Bunk House