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ReBOOTING Your Business in an Uncertain Economy!  is a one-day workshop designed for the business owner seeking new tools and strategies to better adapt and survive the challenges of the ever changing markets and business environments.
The workshop provides five "How To" strategies ranging from creating a "profit oriented business" to "exiting a business career with a profit". Workshop attendees also learn key strategies for Building, Pricing, Packaging and Selling their business to another business professional.
The course has one main objective: That of teaching business owners How To incorporate new business strategies as tools for building and maintaining the highest level of cash flow and profits throughout (and beyond) a business career.
The workshop provides effective business tools and strategies for business owners who need:
  1. Higher Levels of Income and Profit,
  2. Business Acquistion Strategies to Increase Market Share,
  3. New Strategies for Creating and Retaining Client Relationships, and
  4. Strategies for How To Exit from the Business with a Profit.
Designed for all experience levels!!
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THE Business Owner's ToolKITSM

Raise, Retain & Recycle - The "3 R's of a Successful Business Owner" . Learn How To use NEW Tools and 21st Century strategies for build a profitable business operation.

THE ART of PLANNING for Financial Survival and Profits

Create an effective business plan in one day! Bring your business goals to the workshop and, after completing KEY exercises, walk out of the workshop with ALL components of an effectively written business plan.

The Art of Financial Survival in Changing Economic Times

This Workshop explains How To:
  1. Develop a Full Service "Fee For Service" Income Option in your Business,
  2. Define a "Competitive Hourly Rate" for Client Consultation Services, and
  3. Present the "Hourly Rate" Option to the Client.

Understanding THE BASICS of Auctions from A to Z
     ……in Consumer Terms

This workshop includes:
  1. How the Auction Method works,
  2. How to qualify as a Buyer or Seller for the Auction Method of buying and/or selling,
  3. Understanding the "Foreclosure Auction" Process, and
  4. How to effectively work with an Auction Firm as a buyer or as a seller.

THE Auctioneer & The REALTOR® - A Paradigm Partnership"

This Workshop explains how the different marketing methods used by the Auctioneer and the Realtor® can be blended together to achieve the common goals of the real estate seller. Attendees learn how to create effective marketing partnerships that attract highly qualified real estate sellers and buyers.


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