Specializing in Executive Coaching &
Business Consulting

Combining his Umpteen + years' experience and success in multiple fields of academic, business, and entrepreneurial disciplines, Chuck Boles can provide business, community, government, and religious leaders with a range of facilitative and advisory services founded upon ageless truths.

Using his certified mediator & advisor skills, Chuck facilitates a process that helps leaders resolve both internal & external organizational challenges & opportunities.

After analyzing an organizations “Big Picture", Chuck focuses on helping the key personal adapt to change by creating a 3-Stage Action Plan:

  1. Stage 1.  Creating a “Change Mindset” Strategy
    (The 5 A's of Change)
    • Anticipating Change
    • Accepting Change
    • Acting on Change
    • Adapting to Change
    • Accountability to Change
  2. Stage 2.   Implementing a “Business Growth Map”
    • The Rear View Mirror Analysis (Analyzing Past Performance)
    • Visualizing the Future (Creating a Plan A & Plan B for Future Performance)
  3. Stage 3.   Creating Accountability Partnerships
    • The Circle of Excellence (“Overlapping Accountability Teams”)
    • Creating The Accountable Career Culture

Chuck is a seasoned business mediator, facilitator, and advisor who helps leaders “Think OUTSIDE the CIRCLE .… NEVER the Box!SM"

Operating from Harrisonburg in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Chuck's decades of professional experience and unique workshops have been nationally recognized with a "boatload" of professional honors.

If you’re looking for a business mediator, facilitator, advisor, or workshop presenter who cheerfully presents new and exciting materials with a different twist and refreshing attitude, well, you should definitely consider contacting Chuck as he would be proud & honored to serve your organization.

Bottom line: Chuck's successful business track record is based upon personal, one-on-one relationships. As a hands-on servant professional, his advisory skills will facilitate the growth of your organizational to new heights of success.

THE BUDDY COLLEGE of Business Knowledge
Umpteen Years Teaching Leaders How To Think Outside the Circle……NEVER the Box!SM
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